Gorilla Warefare Bootcamp

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Gorilla Warfare Boot Camp is Back, f*ckng hardcore training, no bullshit and not for snowflakes.

Same crazy training you see in our videos and much more. Lift heavy sh*t, throw things, push trucks, hit stuff, punch and kick people and scream like a M@th3rF¥ck3R !!! ( you can curse also ). 

When: First Sunday of every month at 10 AM, limited spots available 

Instructor: Head Coach Diego de Vera, Pro Fighter, former Kick Boxing world Champion and Hialeah Police swat instructor!! 

Videos and Pics provide by KO ZONE 
Come and prove us why you are STRONGER THAN ALL. 

**WARNING: This is not Berry Boot Camp, Apple Theory, or whatever stupid boot camp around there with the word FIT at the end !! 
If you come, don't complain later if you get your a$$ kicked**